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Telkom Centre of Excellence

Completed Projects

Project Title Student Degree Completion Date
Adaptive User Interfaces for Mobile Map-Based Visualisation Bradley van Tonder PhD 2011
Visualisation Tools to Support Web Service Discovery Simone Beets MSc 2011
Using a Multi-Touch Surface to Support Collaborative Information Retrieval Ivan Sams MSc 2011
A multimodal Interface for In-Car Communications Systems Patrick Tchankue Sielinou MSc 2010
A Comparison of Legacy System Modernization Approaches for a Service-Oriented Architecture Meredith Barnes MSc 2010
A Comparative Investigation of XML Compression Techniques in Mobile SOA Evan Saunders MSc 2010
Adaptive Interfaces for Mobile Preference-Based Searching Ryan Hill MCom 2009
A Dynamic Provisioning System using a Service-Oriented Architecture Emile Senga MCom 2009
Customer Profiling in a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Felix Ntawanga MSc 2009
An Adaptive Interface for a Remote Information Centre Devereaux Joubert BCom Hons 2009
Using a SOA to Develop a Remote Information Centre Mohamed Cassim BCom Hons 2009
A Touchscreen-based Index Card Research Tool (ViewNote) Ivan Sams BSc Hons 2009
A Model for Visual Data Mining of Contact Centre Call Patterns Francois du Toit MSc 2008
An Adaptive User Interface for Service Centre Agents Bronwin Jason MSc 2008
Natural Language Interfaces for Contact Centre Agents Gopal Ravi Sankar MSc 2008
Adaptive Interfaces for Mobile Visualisation Bradleyvan Tonder MSc 2008
Visual Data Mining of Novice Programmer Behaviour Baxolile Mabinya MSc 2007
An Intelligent User Interface to Support Contract Centre Operations Akash Singh MSc 2007
Mobile Notification Services for Remote Network Application Performance Management William Brander MSc 2006
An Extensible Framework for Data Mining Mari Terblanche MSc 2006
A Generic Framework for Customised Information Visualisation Ryan Yates MSc 2006
MoVIS: A Model for the Visualisation of Network Information Security Carika Olivier MSc 2006
A Model for Collaboration Services Using Mobile Devices Max Lee Son MSc 2006
An Investigation into the Performance of a Sun N1 Grid Data Centre:  A Case Study Approach Martin van Tonder MSc 2005
An Investigation into Eye Tracking and its Application in the Usability Evaluation of Network Management Tools Marco Pretorius MSc 2005
Web Usage Mining of the CS&IS Web Site Craig Oosthuizen MCom 2005
The Warehousing and Mining of Application Services Data Ronald Knoetze MSc 2005
Visualisation of Prerequisites Baxter Mabinya BSc Hons 2005

A Web Usage Reporting Tool

Akash Singh BSc Hons 2005