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Telkom Centre of Excellence

Postgraduate Research 2012

Project Title Student Degree Completion Date
Investigating the Visualisation of Personal Information to Support Ubiquitous Access Simone Beets PhD Dec 2014
A Model for a Mobile, Context-Aware In-car Communication System to Reduce Driver Distraction Patrick Tchankue Sielinou PhD Dec 2013
Mobile Information Visualisation to Support Telecommunication Service Utilisation Management Gianni Twigg MSc Dec 2012
A Model to Support Online Telecommunication Self-service Provisioning Sherwin Barlow MSc Dec 2012
Using Proxemic Interaction to Support Co-located Group Information Management and Collaboration Justin Swanepoel MSc Dec 2013
Using Virtual Storage to Support Ubiquitous Access to Personal Information Jeffrey Kennedy MSc Dec 2013
Designing Multi-touch Tabletop Interaction Techniques to Support Co-located Group Information Management Mohammed Ditta MSc Dec 2013