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An Investigation into Intelligent Tools and Techniques to Support Service Utilisation for Service-Oriented Architectures

The primary goal of this project is to develop intelligent tools and techniques to support the utilisation of services offered by a company with a SOA. The specific areas of SOA that will be investigated are service user interfaces, composition of services into workflows, service discovery and service provisioning. Models, tools and prototypes will be developed in the research process.

The sub-goals of this new project are to develop intelligent tools and techniques. These will include proof-of-concept prototypes to support service utilisation; service classification; visualisation of service utilisation; service utilisation on mobile devices and re-engineering of existing legacy systems. Service utilisation is a broad term used to describe the discovery, composition and invocation of services.

The sub-goals of the project are as follows:

  1. To develop a prototype UI as a service.
  2. To develop a tool to support the composition of services into applications.
  3. To develop a search tool to support service discovery.
  4. To develop user interfaces to facilitate customised service provisioning.
  5. To develop visual interfaces to assist in the publishing, discovery and invocation of services.
  6. To develop a model or classification of services that will facilitate service discovery.
  7. To develop a model and tool to assist enterprises in re-engineering existing legacy systems to conform to SOA standards and requirements.
  8. To develop context–aware tools for mobile devices to support the presentation, discovery and invocation of mobile services.