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Telkom Centre of Excellence

The DMA Unit provides its researchers with many hardware resources to help accomplish the Project goals.

Usability Lab

The Usability Lab is outfitted with state of the art equipment supplied by Panasonic (SA), Tobii Technology (Sweden), Noldus Information Technology (Netherlands) and Dell Computers, which is kept up-to-date to ensure compatibility with the latest technology. This laboratory is used to formally evaluate the usability of a wide variety of interactive systems. A Tobii eye-tracker (below, left), together with a dedicated PC, is used for gaze-tracking and eye-gaze interaction research in PC based environments. An SMI (SensoMotoric Instruments, Germany) head-mounted eyetracker, together with a dedicated PC, are used for gaze tracking in a real-world or simulated environment.  A mobile device camera and two observation cameras are also used to collect usability data, all of which can then be analysed using the Noldus Observer XT software.  This laboratory ensures that researchers not only have the best, but also a range of equipment to use in any user interface evaluations.

Tobii T60Observer room

Video Conferencing Centre

The CoE videoconferencing centre is used for research collaboration and to present specialised postgraduate courses.

Video Conferencing Room

CoE Laboratory

The CoE Lab contains cutting edge technology including 3D modeling and video editing workstations, an A3/A4 PostScript-capable colour laser printer and a very high resolution A3 scanner.  Another addition to the CoE Laboratory is the Sun N1 Grid System (below, left) including Oracle database and Solaris operating system. The Philips iCat (below, right) is used in the CoE's human-robot interaction research projects


Other Equipment

Other CoE equipment includes digital video and still cameras, minidisk recorders, Wacom A4+ graphics tablet, mobile devices such as GPS Pocket PC's and iPhones.  A wireless computer network has also been installed and activated in the department allowing researchers to experiment with mobile technology.

CoE Equipment CoE Equipment