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Fibre OpticsThe Optical Fibre Research Unit was established in the Department of Physics at NMMU (former UPE) in 2001. The main goal of the Research Group is to study the optical characteristics of optical fibres and cables, with emphasis on the assessment of polarization mode dispersion (PMD). PMD is the phenomenon whereby the two polarization states of a light wave are transmitted at different speeds through the fibre, resulting in a measured dispersion of the signal. It is attributed to the intrinsic birefringence in the fibre, as well as external stresses that may be present (due to, for example, thermal fluctuations). PMD is believed to be one of the factors that will ultimately limit high data transmission rates in the future.

The Research Unit is generously supported by Telkom, Hezeki Contracting, MCT Telecommunications and Ingoma Communication Services. The project is also funded by the National Laser Centre (NLC) and THRIP in South Africa.

For further information on the Optical Fibre Research Unit, please visit the Department of Physics webpages.

Contact information
Prof Andrew Leitch
Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Research and Engagement
Tel: +27 41 5042017