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Nelson Mandela University/Telkom Centre of Excellence

What is the Centre of Excellence?

The Centres of Excellence (CoE) program was developed by Telkom SA to research various aspects of telecommunications. A number of corporate sponsors have joined Telkom SA to finance this program.  The CoEs are scientific and engineering research entities at South African universities and technikons. Each CoE consist of one or more units, each specialising in a research area.

Currently the Nelson Mandela University CoE consist of three units.

The Nelson Mandela University CoE Units are sponsored by TelkomIngoma Communication Services, and THRIP. This sponsorship has allowed for the purchasing of high tech equipment to be used for postgraduate research.

SATNAC (South African Telecommunications Networks and Applications Conference) is the flagship of the Telkom CoE program. It is the annual event for Industry, Academia and Operators to publish on matters concerning achieved in applied research in the Information Communications and Technology (ICT) sector. SATNAC prides itself on being an ideal forum for postgraduate students to highlight successes achieved on their research. As many industry leaders also attend the conference, SATNAC as proved to be an excellent networking platform for the telecoms industry.

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Contact information
Prof. Janet Wesson
Professor and CoE Centre Head
Tel: 27 41 504 2323